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Banksia lino cut print

by Matthew broughton


This is a lino cut print of a Banksia tree and seed pods.

I really love just working with line, texture and tone. Printmaking is a very methodical way of working, as it takes many hours to design and then hand carve the wood block prior to printing. The printing of the wood block is another art in itself, each print is unique and has a certain character.

This are mainly printed by hand and also using a 150 year old hand pulled Albion press.

My main influences include the Australian printmakers: Margret Preston, Barbara Hanrahan and Jan Senbergs.

Print size 420 mm x 290 mm

Paper: Hahnemule warm white. 150 gsm rag paper.

These prints are printed by hand so there will be slight variations with each print.

Oils based ink.